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Program Recommendations for Moodle

Program Versions

Program Settings

Program Add-ons

Program Troubleshooting

The accompanying program proposals and settings will improve your experience utilizing Moodle and guarantee access to the exercises and instruments in your Moodle courses.

Web destinations you visit

Note: UMass Amherst IT Computer Classrooms and Library Learning Commons PCs are set up for Moodle.

Program Versions

For security reasons, UMass Amherst IT prescribes refreshing programs to the latest form for your working framework.

Suggested programs and forms

We suggest that you utilize the most recent rendition of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or Safari for the best Moodle experience.

Moodle may likewise work on different programs, however with capabilities.

Note: There is a known clash among Safari and the Turnitin stage for Moodle. For more data, see Turnitin in Moodle - an Overview

Program Settings

The accompanying program settings ought to be chosen:

Empower Cookies

Empower Javascript*

* Some gadgets, for example, Smartboards, certain tablets and PCs with contact screen abilities may show issues with Moodle's simplified highlights. On the off chance that you experience issues with such gadgets, we prescribe that you utilize a personal computer when you need these highlights. You can likewise kill Javascript in your program (see beneath) and utilize the elective interface rather than intuitive. For additional on Moodle's simplified highlights, see Drag and Drop Upload in Moodle and Reorder Sections or Items in your Moodle Course.

Guidelines for program settings for are accessible here:

Firefox help:

Chrome help:

Web Explorer help: adventurer

Microsoft Edge help:

Safari help: go to Safari > Preferences. The settings are situated on the Security and Privacy tabs.

Note: In many programs (not Safari), you can make a special case for Moodle in the event that you would prefer not to utilize these settings for all sites.

Program Add-ons

You may think that its valuable to introduce the accompanying additional items if your program does not as of now have them:

A PDF Reader

To see PDF records, you need a PDF peruser to be introduced on your PC. A PDF program module will give you a chance to see PDFs in a program window without opening a different program.

Download Adobe Reader at The download incorporates the program module. To introduce this module, pursue prompts.

Adobe Flash Player

A few educators may post Adobe Flash intelligent media or video. To play the media:

Download and introduce Adobe Flash Player

Most programs expect you to empower the Flash Player before you can get to Flash media. Perceive How to Enable Flash in Your Web Browser.

Note: Adobe Flash Player isn't accessible for some cell phones. Adobe is finishing support for Flash in 2019.

Program Troubleshooting

1. Check bolstered program forms.

Verify whether your concern is identified with known issues with your program rendition, above.

2. Clear your program's store.

Clearing your program's store may resolve issues, for example, inconvenience utilizing intuitive highlights, or inconvenience seeing the gradebook. See Clear Your Bowser's Cache.

3. Attempt an alternate program as well as move to an alternate PC.

You may think that its supportive to have more than one program introduced on your PC. On the off chance that you keep running into issues utilizing Moodle, moving to another program may resolve your issues. You can likewise have a go at moving to an alternate PC to check whether the issue continues. This may recognize whether your issue was an issue with your program or PC, or with Moodle.

4. As yet having issues?

On the off chance that the issue continues in a few programs, and on various PCs, if you don't mind report your concern to the IT Help Center for help. (See interfaces on this page, at right.)


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